Global Crypto Mining News ( Aug 30 to Sep 6)


ETH's hashrate hits a record high

According to Etherscan data, the hash rate of Ethereum continued to hit a record high. On August 31, the average hash rate of ETH reached 663,087.1763GH/s. With the popularity of NFT transactions and soaring gas fees, Ethereum miners pushed the hash rate to a new high. At the same time, data from The Block showed that as the price of Ethereum rose, the income of Ethereum miners in August was the second highest in a single month, reaching $1.89billion, of which transaction fees accounted for 44.2% of the total income of miners.


The effective computing power of Filecoin's entire network breaks through 10EiB and the storage sector is active

According to Filecoin browser data, the effective computing power of Filecoin's entire network exceeded 10EiB on September 1. Since Filecoin's independent online launch, the computing power has continued to rise, breaking through 5EiB on May 13, and the computing power has increased by 55 PiB in the past 24 hours. At present, there are 2,963 active nodes in the entire network, with a 24-hour output of 0.0325FIL/TiB, and a FIL circulation of 103019442.

The data shows that the number of active nodes has declined compared to May, but the computing power of the entire network has been steadily increasing. This may be related to the recent NFT boom. Earlier, OpenSea announced that it could store the NFT issued by it in Filecoin to achieve metadata decentralization.

On September 5th, the storage sector was very active. Except for FIL that exceeded $100, SC and ICP rose by 14%, and Chia rose by 23.6%.


Canaan Technology and Genesis Digital Assets signed an order for 200,000 Avalon mining machines

Canaan Technology has signed an order for 200,000 Avalon mining machines with North American mining giant Genesis Digital Assets (hereinafter referred to as Genesis), including 20,000 mining machines and an additional purchase option of up to 180,000 mining machines. Genesis and Canaan Technology reached a strategic partnership in early 2021, and signed A1246 and A1166Pro mining machine purchase agreements worth US$93.63 million. In June of this year, Genesis once again purchased 10,000 mining machines from Canaan Technology.


Clyde Dam, New Zealand's third largest hydropower station, will plan to mine Bitcoin

Clyde Dam, New Zealand's third largest hydropower station, plans to mine bitcoin. Otago Daily reported that Lake Parime, a British digital infrastructure company, will develop a data center near Clyde Dam and work with renewable energy operators to provide support for HPC applications such as machine learning, blockchain, visualization, modeling, and artificial intelligence. Users provide sustainable computing infrastructure.


Alberta, Canada ordered the closure of two mining factories

According to cnBeta, residents of a community in Alberta, Canada, recently heard the noise of a nearby power plant for a long time, and finally discovered that it was an unauthorized Bitcoin mining farm. Four 1.25 MW natural gas generators installed on site by Link Global, headquartered in Vancouver. The company did not notify neighbors of its plan, nor did it notify the county government. Link Global, the company that now opens this plant, was ordered by the province’s Public Utilities Commission to shut down two plants.


Belarusian President Lukashenko encourages cryptocurrency mining

Golden Finance News on August 30, Belarusian President Lukashenko encouraged miners to stay in their country to mine cryptocurrency, instead of immigrating to Poland or Germany to work in low-paying agriculture. During his inspection in the southern part of the country, he said that there is sufficient electricity in the area, and there are many vacant industrial land. It is better to use electricity to create something, such as mining cryptocurrency.


Chinese Lawyer: It may be difficult to support the establishment and operation of mining farms in China

The Supreme Court of China recently disclosed a case involving mining machines and mining farms. The Supreme Court judgment document emphasized: "The establishment of the Fuzhou data center and the storage and operation of the equipment involved in this case are actually the use of equipment to perform high-performance computing to obtain virtual currency rewards. It is a high-energy-consuming industry that is not encouraged by the state. The original judgment The order to terminate the contract and the termination of the legal relationship between the two parties is also in line with the current state's adjustment of the industry involved in the case."

In this regard, Huo Yijie, a lawyer at Shanghai Gelian Law Firm, interpreted: The last paragraph emphasized has a deeper meaning, that is, it may be difficult to support the establishment and operation of the mine in the future domestic judicial practice. The next 1-2 years will still be the trend of strict supervision and strong supervision.

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