Sitemap - 2023 - Wu Blockchain

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Dec 25 to Dec 31)

Weekly Project Updates: Solana Records Annual High in On-chain Activity, Avalanche Publicly Backs Meme, CAKE Total Supply to Decrease by 300 Million, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Hong Kong Opens Bitcoin Spot ETF, OKX Delists Privacy Tokens, MicroStrategy Expends 615 Million in Acquiring BTC and Top10 News

China's Supreme Procuratorate Unveils “Chinese OTC King” Zhao Dong Details in Virtual Currency Cases

Cancun Upgrade Unleashes Dynamics: The Evolving Landscape of Layer 2 Ethereum Post-Upgrade

1 USDT ≠ 1 USDT: Unveiling Exchange Rate Challenges and Risks in the Realm of 'Black-Market U'

Interview with OKX Wallet's Head: How to Seize the Opportunity in Inscriptions and Discuss the Future of the Bitcoin Ecosystem

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Dec 18 to Dec 24)

Weekly Project Updates: ETHW Core Team Dissolves, Worldcoin Removes Orb Verification Service in Multiple Countries, Friend Tech to Release v2 Next Spring, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: SOL Skyrockets and Surpassing BNB in Market Capitalization, ETF Approval Expected before January 10, Argentina Approves Bitcoin Settlement and Top10 News

CGV Research | From Colored Coins, Mastercoin/Omni to Ordinals/BRC20, a Comprehensive Analysis of Technological Evolution in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

a16z's Nine Major Predictions for the 2024 Crypto Market and Representative Projects

Decoding the Complex Landscape of Bitcoin Layer 2: Navigating Challenges and Building Narratives

Analysis of the zkSync Incident: Inscription Brings Stress Test to L2

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Dec 11 to Dec 17)

Weekly Project Updates: Ordinals Reach New Heights in Popularity, Solana On-Chain Transaction Volume Surpasses Ethereum, Worldcoin Launches World ID 2.0, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Ordinals Added to Vulnerability Database, Panic Ensues After Ledgerconnect Attack, SEC Chairman Addresses ETF Concerns and Top10 News

Analyzing Mantle LSP: A Dual-Channel Yield Combiner Supported by RWA and ETH PoS

IOSGVC Founder:Bull Market Analysis & 2023 Outlook

Will Wang: The Four Valuation Drivers of Cryptocurrency Projects

CEX Data in Nov: Spot Trading Volume Surges Over 60%

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Dec 4 to Dec 10)

Weekly Project Updates: Starknet to Distribute Over 1.8 Billion STRK, LayerZero Anticipates Token Distribution Next Year, Booming On-Chain Transactions on Solana, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Key Developments in Bitcoin ETF, CZ Prohibited from Leaving the U.S., Intensive Discussions on Bitcoin Ordinals and Top10 News

Bitcoin Miner Bitdeer to Enter AI Space in Partnership with NVIDIA

Is the Inscription a Bug or a Feature?

Bitcoin Dev Luke Dashjr Requests "Inscriptions" Disabling, Sparks Controversy: Progress Update

Global Crypto Mining News in November:Pool review of transactions sparks huge controversy, Multiple decentralized mining pools launched

VC Nov. Report: Financing Amount Reaches New High Since Sep. 2022

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Nov 27 to Dec 3)

Weekly Project Updates: Starknet Snapshot Deadline Reached, Cosmos Fork Proposal, Launch of Chainlink Stake v0.2, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: CZ Restricted Within the United States, Microstrategy Bolsters Bitcoin Holdings, FTX Granted Permission to Sell Assets Worth $873 Million and Top10 News

Charlie Munger Passes Away: The Sharpest and Most Sarcastic Critic of Bitcoin

BTC NFT: The Story of Bitcoin Frogs and Other Noteworthy Projects to Watch

Bitrace: Beware as Trading Platforms Launch Web3 Wallets, Intensifying Cryptocurrency Fraud Risks

Understanding the 'Yield-Focused' L2 Blast Launched by Blur's Founder: Sources of Returns and Raised Concerns

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Nov 20 to Nov 26)

Weekly Project Updates: L2 Blast Launches, TreasureDAO Building a Gaming Chain, Bytom Announces Suspension of Operations, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Binance Reaches Major Settlement, Largest-Ever USDT Freeze, Over $100 Million Stolen from HTX and HECO and Top10 News

The Whimsical Tale of BTC Ordinals: So Easy, Even a 60-Year-Old Grandma Can Understand It

Comparing BRC20 and Taproot Assets: Market Speculation vs Technical Advancement

Argentina’s new president Javier Milai: severs ties with parents, vows to abolish central bank, supports Bitcoin

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Nov 13 to Nov 19)

Weekly Project Updates: Spread of Multi-Chain Inscriptions, OKX to Launch New Chain X1, Pyth Network Airdrop, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Tether Invests $500 Million in Mining, Bithumb is Exploring an IPO, Rapid Decline in US Inflation Data and Top10 News

IOSG Founder: My Thoughts on the Current State and Challenges of L2 Ecosystem

Meson Network: Revolutionizing Web3's Bandwidth Landscape

In-Depth Analysis of USDV: A Community-Driven New RWA Stablecoin

CEX Data in Oct, volume increased by over 40%, while traffic increased by 16%

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Nov 6 to Nov 12)

Weekly Project Updates: Ordinals Gain Momentum, Starknet Forms DeFi Committee, Ava Labs Conducts Large-Scale Layoffs, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: BlackRock Submits Application for Ethereum Spot ETF, Binance Launches Web3 Wallet, Poloniex Faces Over $100 Million Theft and Top10 News

A Quick Look at the 11 Projects in the First Batch of the Elite Accelerator SpringX

The beginning of the bull? How the NFT Marketplace Competitive Landscape Has Changed

Exploring the Multi-Asset Issuance Mechanism of Taproot Assets

Term Finance: On-chain Lending Protocol with Fixed Interest Rates, Fixed Terms, and Non-Redeemability

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Oct 30 to Nov 5)

Weekly Project Updates: Celestia Mainnet Goes Live, Starknet Distributes 50 Million Tokens, OpenSea Announces Staff Reduction by Half, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: New Developments at HashKey, SBF Convicted on Seven Counts, U.S. Rate Hike Cycle Nearing Conclusion and Top10 News

Global Crypto Mining News in October: WhatsMiner Launches New Mining Machines, El Salvador's First Mining Pool, Bitmain Pushes Aleo Mining Machine, etc

VC Oct Report, the amount of funding number and amount reach new lows

Intent-Centric Designs in Blockchain Systems

The Eastern Battle for the Location of Multinational Crypto Enterprises (Part One): A Comparative Analysis of Taxation and Regulation between Singapore and Hong Kong

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Oct 23 to Oct 29)

Weekly Project Updates: Arbitrum Orbit Readies Itself, dYdX Chain Mainnet Launches, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: DTCC Lists Bitcoin Spot ETF Event Turbulence, No Hope for Ethereum's Dencun Upgrade This Year and Top10 News

Interview with the Chinese central bank researcher who called for Bitcoin as legal tender in 2011

Opinion: Why JPEX scandal won’t derail Hong Kong’s cryptocurrency ambitions

Exploring Supra A Comprehensive Overview of the Cross-Chain Oracle IntraLayer

The Third Wave of Technological Advancements in Blockchain: Exploring the Application of Zero-Knowledge Proof Technology

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Oct 16 to Oct 22)

Weekly Project Updates: Uniswap Imposes Transaction Taxes, Aptos Network Experiences Outage, Yuga Labs Restructuring Completed, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: The Bitcoin ETF Fake News Incident, Meitu Plans to Sell Cryptocurrency, Ferrari Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments in the US and Top10 News

Understanding Farcaster: The Decentralized Social Network Endorsed by Vitalik

Understanding Flooring Protocol: A New NFT Fragmentation Solution, Pondering Rare NFT Liquidity

Analysis of Uniswap Labs charging Swap Fee and what will be done in the future

CEX Data in Sep, Spot and Futures Trading Volume Decreases by 19% Month-On-Month, Hitting a Nearly Three-Year Low

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Oct 9 to Oct 15)

Weekly Project Updates: Scroll's Informal Launch, Blur Season 2 Coming to a Close, SSV Founder Called to Military Service, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Binance Freezes Hamas Account, SBF Trial in Progress, Bitmain Wage Dispute and Top10 News

TON Ecosystem Overview: Deep Integration with Telegram Unleashes Core Competitiveness

Opinion: Web3 Development in HK: The Next Step is RWA, Avoiding Being "Licensed to Be Killed"

Opinion: The Fed Will Not Lower Interest Rates in the Short Term, But a Recession is Inevitable

Inventory of the Smart Contract AA Wallet: Is this the 'Future Wallet' Vitalik is Most Optimistic About

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Oct 2 to Oct 8)

Weekly Project Updates: StarkWare Delays Token Unlock Date, Jeffrey Huang Joins Friend Tech, Yuga Labs Announces Restructuring and Layoffs, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Ethereum Futures ETF Faces Lukewarm Reception Upon Launch, Multiple MPI Licenses Granted in Singapore, and Top10 News

Starting with the collaboration between LayerZero and Google Cloud: Should cross-chain rely on oracles or ZK?

Reviewing the Rise of BASE Network: On-Chain Marketing May Become the Best Approach

Global Crypto Mining News in September: Three Major New Bitcoin Mining Machines, All Below 20J/T

VC Sep. Report, the amount of funding reach new lows

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Sep 25 to Oct 1)

Weekly Project Updates: Celestia Genesis Airdrop, Walmart NFT toys for sale, GMX Submits Funding Application for 14 Million ARB Tokens, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Binance Completely Exits Russia, MicroStrategy Acquires Over 5,000 More BTC, Mixin Suffers Attack and Top10 News

FTX Case Update: How Are The Tokens Valued?

Full Transcript of Former Alibaba CSO Ming Zeng's Speech: AGI and Cryptocurrency - A Promising Future

In-Depth Analysis of the Economic Model: Game Theory, Expected Value, and Demand Curves

TaxDAO’s Response to Committee on Finance on the Taxation of Digital Assets

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Sep 18 to Sep 24)

Weekly Project Updates: Arbitrum Reboots Odyssey, Optimism Announces Third Airdrop, OpenSea Set to Launch Creator Studio, etc

Why Does Binance Wallet's Gas Skyrocket? Exploring the Technical and Security Factors

WuBlockchain Weekly: Federal Reserve Maintains Benchmark Interest Rates, Mt. Gox Repayment Date Extended, Tether Invests $420 Million in GPU Acquisition and Top10 News

Observations from BSV: Why Bitcoin Isn't Afraid of 51% Attacks

Interview with Chiu Duncan: The advocate of "Three Arrows, Three Circles" explains Hong Kong's latest virtual asset policy

IOSG Founder's Reflections on 2049: Many teams are running out of funds, testing founders' resilience

Explainer: Understanding Vitalik's Recent Emphasis on "Statelessness"

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Sep 11 to Sep 17)

Weekly Project Updates: opBNB Mainnet Launches, Polkadot Chinese Community Ceases Operations, Friend Tech Records Million-Dollar Daily Profits, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: CoinEx Faces Cyberattack, FTX Coin Selling Rules, Binance US Announces Layoffs and Top10 News

What kind of DApp do we need?

Dilation Effect Research: A Deep Dive into Mainstream Exchange Account Password Leaks

Folius Ventures: Friend Tech Analysis Report

Coinbase Founder's Top 10 Focus Areas and Their Representative Projects

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Sep 4 to Sep 10)

Weekly Project Updates: Arbitrum Initiates Short-Term Incentive Program Proposal, Solana Hosts Million-Dollar Hackathon, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Tether Emerges as the 22nd Largest Holder of US Treasury Bonds Globally, Binance Russia Executives Resign and Top10 News

VC Monthly Report, the amount of funding saw a slight recovery, while the number continued to reach new lows, with a significant increase in the proportion of DeFi

Global Crypto Mining News in August: KuCoin Mining Pool Shutdown, Canaan Reports Earnings and Bitmain to Release S21, etc

A Retrospective Review: MakerDAO's Disagreement with Vitalik, Solana's Selection - Why?

2 Billion TVL in One Day: A Detailed Explanation of Aerodrome's Core Mechanism Ve(3,3) and the Flywheel Effect

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Aug 28 to Sep 3)

Weekly Project Updates: Braavos Announces the Imminent Launch of STRK Token, Uniswap v4 Set to Be Released Following the Dencun Upgrade, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Spot Bitcoin ETF Resolution Delayed, Grayscale Wins Against SEC, Binance May Exit Russian Market and Top10 News

Opinion: Has Ethereum Truly Succeeded Beyond Bitcoin?

Why My Opensea account was suddenly blocked due to U.S. sanctions?

Unveiling the Dark Cryptocurrency Underworld in Southeast Asia

Friend.Tech Roundtable Summary

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Aug 21 to Aug 27)

Weekly Project Updates: PEPE Team's Coin Sale Controversy, Decentralization Plans for Base, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: US Authorities Arrest Co-Founder of Tornado Cash, HashKey to Open Retail Trading Next Monday and Top10 News

Unveiling the Airdrop Hunting Studios: Over Ten Thousand Accounts, Highest Earnings on Arbitrum

Cryptocurrency Dark Forest Survival Tactics: Wallet Security Strategies and Risk Tier Management

Wang Yang: Issue a Government-Supported Hong Kong Dollar Stablecoin to Challenge the U.S. Dollar Status

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Aug 14 to Aug 20)

What is 'Friend Tech'? The Impact of Paradigm's Endorsement & the Rise of Decentralized Social Networks

Weekly Project Updates: Sei Airdrop Unveiled, Opensea to Discontinue Mandatory Royalties, friend tech Previously Received Investment from Paradigm, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: SpaceX's Previous Sale of BTC, First Ethereum Futures ETF in the US, Singapore's Regulatory Framework for Stablecoins and Top10 News

Ahead of US and HK: Exploring Singapore's Cryptocurrency Stablecoin Regulatory Framework

CEX Data Report in July, futures volume decreased by 7.6%, but web traffics increased by 8%

Interpreting Taiwan's Financial Supervisory Commission's Draft Guiding Principles

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Aug 7 to Aug 13)

Weekly Project Updates: Base Mainnet Officially Launched, Debank Initiates L2 Testnet, Saddle Finance and SpiritSwap Contemplate Halting Operations, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: PayPal Launches PYUSD, Dai Savings Rate Increased to 8%, US July CPI Annual Rate at 3.2% and Top10 News

Bybit Payroll Manager's Self-theft Analysis: Vulnerabilities in Blockchain Enterprise Financial Management

Deep Insights: Reflections on Survival for Mining Machine Manufacturers in the New Cold War Environment

After the opening of retail trading, Hong Kong's five key points of cryptocurrency policy in the coming year

The Emerging Force of TG BOT: On-chain Marketing and Grassroots Counterattack

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Aug 1 to Aug 6)

Weekly Project Updates: Ethereum's 8th Anniversary, Base Chain MEME Trending, Sei Mainnet Prepares for Launch, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Hashkey Pro And OSL in Hong Kong Offers Retail Trading、Curve Faces Hacker Attack and Top10 News

VC monthly report, The financing number in July continued to decline

Analysis: Is the Curve Crisis Over? Exploring the Founders' OTC Selling Frenzy

Global Crypto Mining News in July: MicroBT's Big Order and Samsung's New Technology, Bitmain Releases Fil Mining Machine, Bitdeer Mining Fund in Bhutan, etc.

Detailed Explanation of Paradigm, the Top Crypto Venture Capital Firm's Latest Ten Areas of Focus

How Chinese Airdrop Hunters Massively Fake Worldcoin KYC in Africa

Weekly Project Updates: Litecoin Halving Scheduled for Next Week, Optimism Releases Chain Rule v0.1, PNDX Launch Leads to Surge in Gas Fees, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: KuCoin Implements 30% Workforce Reduction、Worldcoin Launches Token WLD、Fed Raises Interest Rates by 25 bps and Top10 News

Linea Ecosystem Inventory: L2 Network Launched by MetaMask Parent Company

Online Gambling Channels Accelerate the Circulation of Illicit Funds,Cryptocurrency Exchanges Must Prioritize Fund Risk Management

How do DeFi protocols adopt real-world assets ("RWA") - An overview of MakerDAO's RWA layouts

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (July 17 to July 23)

Weekly Project Updates: EthCC Held in Paris、zkSync Airdrops NFTs, Linea Mainnet Goes Live, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: U.S. Senate Proposes Stringent Regulation for DeFi, Binance Cuts Benefits and Top10 News

Hong Kong's Largest Online Bank Discusses How to Welcome New Cryptocurrency Policies

Opportunities in AI and Blockchain: Investors' Perspectives on Prospects and Opportunities

Who is Arkham? A free data analysis tool similar to Nansen, exploring tokenized business models

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (July 10 to July 16)

Weekly Project Updates: Multichain Team Forced to Cease Operations, Starknet v0.12.0 Mainnet Goes Live, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Court Rules XRP Itself Not a Security, US June CPI Up 3% YoY and Top10 News

Chief Economist of Bank of China (Hong Kong) Talks about the Development of Cryptocurrency Industry in Hong Kong

Opinion: Mirror, once the most promising decentralized content platform, why it failed?

Former Huobi University Principal: Comparing Cryptocurrency Regulation and Future Directions in Singapore and Hong Kong

CEX Data Report in June, Spot and Futures Volumes Both Rose by 10%, but Website Traffic Continue to Fall

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (July 3 to July 9)

Weekly Project Updates: Uniswap v4 Set to Launch, Blur Announces Launch of Blur v2, AzukiDao Governance Contract Under Attack, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Federal Reserve to Raise Interest Rates Twice This Year, Several Executives Depart from Binance and Top10 News

A Proposal for Hong Kong to Issue a Hong Kong Dollar Stablecoin to Compete with USDT/USDC

Jiemian Interview with Hu Zhenbang from OSL: How the First Licensed Exchange in Hong Kong Views the Future Regulatory Trends

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jun 26 to July 2)

VC monthly report:The financing number and amount in June reached its lowest point in last 2 years

Weekly Project Updates: Base Completes Security Audit, ZEN No Longer Considered a Privacy Coin, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: MicroStrategy Makes Additional Bitcoin Purchase, 8btc Main Site Fully Shifts Focus to AI Track and Top10 News

Interview with three of China's earliest crypto pioneers on when the bull market will bring SEC regulation, Hong Kong policy, Bitcoin inscriptions and Ethereum's "Grand Unification"

In-Depth Analysis of Airdrop Hunters

Global Crypto Mining News (Jun 19 to Jun 25)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jun 19 to Jun 25)

Weekly Project Updates: Ethereum Staking Surpasses 20 Million Tokens, Optimism's 3rd RPGF Round, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Powell Believes Payment Stablecoins Should Be Treated as Currency and Top10 News

Cobo: In-depth insights into custody requirements and tailored solutions for Hong Kong virtual asset exchanges and fund managers

Global Crypto Mining News (Jun 12 to Jun 18)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jun 12 to Jun 18)

Weekly Project Updates: Uniswap Releases v4 Code Draft, Polygon Announces Launch of Polygon 2.0, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Federal Reserve Announces Pause in Interest Rate Hikes, Judge Rejects Freezing Binance Assets and Top10 News

Research: Two Major Trends in the NFT Marketplace: Multi-function Aggregation and Multi-chain Competition

Opinion: Why Hong Kong SFC Won't Crack Down on Cryptocurrencies Like US SEC

Policy Rollout: Decoding the 'Transitional Arrangements' for Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Platforms

Global Crypto Mining News (Jun 5 to Jun 11)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jun 5 to Jun 11)

CEX Data Report in May: Spot volume declines to the lowest in last 2 years

Weekly Project Updates: Optimism's Bedrock Upgrade, List of EIPs Confirmed for Cancun Upgrade, Curve Founder Accused of Fraud, etc

Cryptocurrencies in Hong Kong's Recognized Token Indices: Analysis of Index Economics Industrialization

Global Crypto Mining News (May 29 to Jun 4)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (May 29 to Jun 4)

Weekly Project Updates: EDCON 2024 to be Held in Japan, zkSync Era Witnesses Booming On-chain Activities, etc

Research: How DWF Labs is Suspected of Involvement in Deploying and Manipulating Memecoins

WuBlockchain Weekly: Binance Initiates Workforce Reduction, CNHC Team Unreachable, BKEX Suspends Withdrawals and Top10 News

VC monthly report: The financing amount in May reached its lowest point since January this year, with Worldcoin taking the lead

Analyzing the LSDfi project by Lybra Finance: the interest-bearing stablecoin built on LSD

Analyzing Abyss World: Sui Ecology 3A Game, with 120,000 Steam Wishlists, Can It Carry the New Hope of Blockchain Games?

Dilation Effect Research: Contract Approval Risks in the Main Wallets of Binance, KuCoin, and Jump

Exploring Worldcoin: Features, Privacy, and Challenges

Global Crypto Mining News (May 22 to May 28)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (May 22 to May 28)

Weekly Project Updates: Tornado Cash's Malicious Governance Controversy, MakerDAO Proposes Increasing DAI Savings Rate, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:Hong Kong to allow retail trading of major cryptocurrencies、Core PCE index exceeds expectations and Top10 News

HongKong Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering: Regulatory Requirements for Crypto Currencies and How to Identify Money Laundering

TaxDAO: Current status and analysis of cryptocurrency taxation in Canada

Hong Kong SFC concludes consultation on regulation of virtual asset trading platforms, what are the seven key points?

Global Crypto Mining News (May 15 to May 21)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (May 15 to May 21)

Weekly project updates: Lido V2, frxGov undergoes audit, Axie Infinity approved on App Store, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:Tether announces regular BTC purchases、Suspected official dumping in Sui projects、Binance withdraws from Canadian market and Top10 News

TECHFLOW: Exploring the Real Japanese Crypto Market: Coexistence of Isolation and Contradiction, Where are the Opportunities?

Analyzing Historical Returns of BNB Launchpad and Comparing with ETH Staking Yield

Bitcoin developers discuss network congestion caused by BRC-20s.

Global Crypto Mining News (May 8 to May 14)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (May 8 to May 14)

Weekly project updates: MakerDAO's "Endgame", Solana's mobile Saga public sale, Chiliz's mainnet launch, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:Ethereum mainnet malfunctioned、ParaSpace turmoil、US CPI and Top10 News

How Will AI Change Blockchain? Four Possibilities

CEX Data Report in Apr: Volume significantly declines to the lowest since December last year

An article to understand Bitcoin ordinals and BRC20: Information, Status, and Risks

Global Crypto Mining News ( 24 to Apr 30)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (May 1 to May 7)

Full Requirements for Cryptocurrency Trials from China's Supreme Court Conference

Weekly project updates: Binance launches PEPE, SUI mainnet launch, XIRTAM rugpulles, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:AI+Crypto progresses、BRC-20 booms、Coinbase International exchange and Top10 News

How can Chinese airdrop hunters obtain SUI on KuCoin and OKX IEO?

Research on Survival of NFT Marketplaces (3) The Survival Strategy of Small Platforms in Their Niche

Research on Survival of NFT Marketplaces (2) The dead end of trading mining

VC monthly report: the number and amount of financing increased slightly in April

Global Crypto Mining News (Apr 24 to Apr 30)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Apr 24 to Apr 30)

Weekly project updates: StarkWare 2023 roadmap, Filecoin to launch FWS, Polygon Bridge, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:Coinbase sues SEC、BinanceUS canceled Voyager purchase、Merlin DEX hack and Top10 News

Research on Survival of NFT Marketplaces (1) The Post-Royalty War Battle for the Leading Position

Fishing Traps in the Crypto Airdrop Tutorial

Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs are fleeing Singapore for Bangkok and Hong Kong because of high prices

Global Crypto Mining News (Apr 17 to Apr 23)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Apr 17 to Apr 23)

Weekly project updates: Arbitrum passes AIP-1.1 and 1.2, Base mainnet in 2023, Sui mainnet on May 3, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:EU lawmakers approve MiCA、Coinbase CEO may consider leaving US、PEPE sparks buzz and Top10 News

Bitdeer IPO: How Competitive? Comparative Research with Marathon and Riot, Two Major Mining Giants

Sleep-to-Earn Project Gosleep Intro: Great UI/UX but Insufficient Model Innovation

Exploring the upcoming MOVE Gemini Sui ecolosystem

Global Crypto Mining News (Apr 10 to Apr 16)

Asia’s weekly TOP10 crypto news (Apr 10 to Apr 16)

Weekly project updates: ConsenSys free NFT, Uniswap Wallet on App Store, Solana phone Saga public sale, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:ETH Shanghai Upgrade、Web3.0 Association formed in HK、HashKey launches HSK and Top10 News

Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission official original text: If DeFi involves securities and futures trading, it also needs to be licensed

Valued at $3 billion: A brief introduction to LayerZero's main ecosystem projects

CEX Data Report in Mar: Both Spot and Derivatives Volumes Rose Sharply

MicroStrategy Financial Health Research: Will it go bankrupt? When will it need to sell BTC? At what price will it restore breakeven?

Global Crypto Mining News (Apr 3 to Apr 9)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Apr 3 to Apr 9)

Weekly project updates: ArbitrumDAO updates AIPs, Aave proposes V3 deployment on BNB Chain, zkSync Era faces deposit issues, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:Murder of Cash App founder、Doge meme on Twitter、MicroStrategy buys more BTC and Top10 News

Case Analysis: Couple in China Divides Property, Huobi Frozen as Required by Court, Is Cryptocurrency Protected by Law in Divorce?

Upgraded Fake Wallet Scams: Beware of Multi-Signature ‘Fish Farming’

Global Crypto Mining News (Mar 27 to Apr 2)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Mar 27 to Apr 2)

VC monthly report, The number and amount of financing have dropped significantly in Mar

Weekly project updates: BNBChain proposes lower fees, Sei Foundation, THORChain halted globally, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:Binance sued by CFTC、Gucci teams up with Yuga Labs、SBF charged with bribery and Top10 News

Opinion: What is the Role of Blockchain in the Era of Strong Artificial Intelligence?

Ethereum L2 zkSync Era mainnet online, What are the ecological projects to follow

Global Crypto Mining News (Mar 20 to Mar 26)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Mar 20 to Mar 26)

Weekly project updates: zkSync Era Mainnet, Immutable zkEVM, Starknet's five committees, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:Coinbase got a Wells Notice、Arbitrum airdrop、Do Kwon's arrest and Top10 News

Bitget: How the most aggressive exchange in a bear market was born

BNBChain Socialfi Hackathon First Prize: Oasis Origin Connect GPT4 to create AI individual

Global Crypto Mining News (Mar 13 to Mar 19)

GMF Opinion: The Fed has not restarted QE, Seven Questions and Answers

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Mar 13 to Mar 19)

Weekly project updates: Arbitrum airdrop, Uniswap on BNB Chain, Filecoin's FVM goes live, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:ChipMixer shut down、Coinbase partners with Standard Chartered、Fed steps in to save market and Top10 News

BBS Network: "Decentralized Reddit" where Posts are NFTs

Opionion: Why OpenSea and Arbitrum Should Not Issue Token and What’s the Function of Token

Social Gaming Platform Phi: Using ENS to Generate a Virtual World

Global Crypto Mining News (Mar 6 to Mar 12)

Opinion: USDC Can Face Redemption, but Negative Impact on Crypto Industry

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Mar 5 to Mar 12)

Discussion: Will USDC Crashed? Who Will be the White Knight

Opinion: USDC's fate may depend on whether Silicon Valley Bank can be acquired

Weekly project updates: TwelveFold auction, Mirror's Subscribe to Mint, OKXNFT's first Bitcoin Ordinal NFT collection, etc

CEX Data Report in Feb: Spot and Derivatives Volumes Both Slightly Up

WuBlockchain Weekly:Silvergate Bank liquidates、MakerDAO co-founder sell LDO、OPNX acquires CoinFLEX and Top10 News

Cobo CEO Discus Fish: Why Did SBF Fall Into The Abyss?

Conflux Eco-Project Inventory: Breakthrough Offshore CNY, Focus on Digital Collection Metaverse

Can nuclear energy bitcoin mining be a sustainable path?

Global Crypto Mining News (Feb 27 to Mar 5)

An overview of On-Chain Market Maker Strategy and Business

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Feb 27 to Mar 5)

The Death Spiral and Way out of Silvergate Bank

On-chain analysis: Why is it wrong for Forbes to accuse Binance of "misappropriating 1.8 billion USDC"?

Weekly project updates: Ethereum deploys account abstraction, Robinhood and Uniswap to launch wallet apps, ZigZag airdrop, etc

VC monthly report: funding amount ended a four-month decline in February

WuBlockchain Weekly:Silvergate fallout、Justin Sun bolstered Lido’s TVL、UK banks restrict cryptocurrencies and Top10 News

Fore Elite Capital: How to do a compliant cryptocurrency fund in Hong Kong?

Underestimated Ambitions and Three Challenges: Unveiling the Hong Kong Cryptocurrency Consultation Paper

Typical case: US court freezing Chinese user's USDT

TreasureDAO's Biggest Competitor? TridentDAO's new play on risk to earn

Global Crypto Mining News (Feb 20 to Feb 26)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Feb 20 to Feb 26)

Weekly project updates: Coinbase L2 Base, Arbitrum transactions surge, Helium migrates to Solana, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:Bitcoin Core developers resign、Binance's acquisition of Voyager blocked and Top10 News

Five key points about Coinbase L2 Base: No Token, OP Stack, Onboard 100m users

Rihanna issued NFT sold out, how to hit the music NFT track

Interpretation: Hong Kong government's 20 key points on cryptocurrency compliance documents

NFT phishing sites on the rise: an inventory of "anti-phishing plug-ins" on the rise

More Details on Hong Kong's Issuance of Compliant Cryptocurrency Exchange Licenses

Global Crypto Mining News (Feb 13 to Feb 19)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Feb 13 to Feb 19)

Weekly project updates: STEPN to airdrop GMT, OKX to launch OKBChain, Platypus stablecoin USP under attack, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:BUSD crackdown、Blur launches BLUR Token、US CPI release and Top10 News

How Scientists Get Blur's Massive Airdrops at Basically 0 Cost

What will happen to the BNBChain stablecoin ecosystem after BUSD's exit?

Emerging Explorations: NFTFI Derivatives Track and Project Inventory

Summary: US regulatory crackdown BUSD

Global Crypto Mining News (Feb 6 to Feb 12)

CEX data report in Jan: trading volume recovery, web traffic maintained

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Feb 6 to Feb 12)

Weekly project updates: Bitcoin Punks have been fully minted, MakerDAO community proposes launch of Spark Protocol, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:Kraken faces SEC Investigation、Uniswap V3 Proposal Fiasco and Top10 News

Decentralized Real Estate Project Parcl: Combining NFT, DeFi and Home Sales

Highstreet Intro: a VR metaverse project from Taiwan, hitching a ride on Binance and Jay Chou

Canto Eco Checklist, Trending L1 with DeFi Components

Global Crypto Mining News (Jan 30 to Feb 5)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jan 30 to Feb 5)

Innovation or attack? Sorting out the "NFT Big Block" on the Bitcoin Network

Weekly project updates: Ethereum's Zhejiang testnet is live, Optimism Foundation proposes Bedrock, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:The Fed announced a rate hike of 25 bps、Nostr-based Damus social network goes live and Top10 News

VC monthly report: In January, the number of financing increased significantly, but the amount of financing declined for the fourth consecutive month

ETH 2.0 Hot Concept: SSV.Network Eco Inventory Decentralized Staking Infrastructure

VitaDAO: Pfizer-Invested Longevity Research, A New Paradigm for Decentralized Science?

Analysis of Degen Zoo: $20,000 for 30 days of development, DAOMaker's founder "go into business" himself

Global Crypto Mining News (Jan 23 to Jan 29)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jan 23 to Jan 29)

Former PBOC Monetary Policy Member Huang Yiping: China Bans Cryptocurrencies, May Miss Development Opportunities

Weekly project updates: Ethereum “shadow fork” of Shanghai upgrade is live, TON validators to vote on suspending 195 inactive addresses, etc

Cobo CEO Discus Fish talks about 2023’s Crypto Outlook

WuBlockchain Weekly:Aptos TVL hits all-time high、UAE highlights crypto-friendly policy、Bybit launches UTA and Top10 News

Research: Suggestions for Taxing Bitcoin Miners and Cryptocurrencies

What does it mean that China's tax authorities are speeding up efforts to tax cryptocurrency companies and individuals?

The History of Cypto Manipulation: The "Love and Hate" between market Makers, project teams and Exchanges

Global Crypto Mining News (Jan 16 to Jan 22)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jan 16 to Jan 22)

Weekly project updates: Aave V3.0.1 has launched, Sushi CEO released the roadmap for 2023, Polygon PoS completed a hard fork upgrade, etc

Discuss in-depth: Genesis files for bankruptcy reorganization, Will DCG crash? What is the impact on industry?

WuBlockchain Weekly:FTX may restart、Genesis files for bankruptcy reorganization、CoinDesk taps bankers for potential sale and Top10 News

Ape Metaverse's first game Dookey Dash : How to play WEB3 game ?

Why was an official in a small Chinese city arrested for "mining"?

The most undervalued public chain? The introduction of TON ecosystem that based on Telegram

Global Crypto Mining News (Jan 9 to Jan 15)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jan 9 to Jan 15)

Weekly project updates: Ondo Finance launchs tokenized fund, AWS partners with Ava Labs, BAYC launches MINT game Dookey Dash, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:Some OTC merchants reject TRC20 USDT、Genesis owes over $3B to creditors and Top10 News

10 Token 10 Communities: Special Game The Rug Game

Viewpoint:DCG Binance and Public Miners, the three major FUDs in the market are actually not Important

CEX Data Report in DEC: Trading Volume fell by more than 40%

What is the popular project Memeland launched by 9GAG? Following BAYC's "NFT Matryoshka Model"

VC Yearly Report: Cryptocurrency funding totaled $37.7 billion with 1,769 projects

Global Crypto Mining News (Jan 2 to Jan 8)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jan 2 to Jan 8)

Weekly project updates: Solana Meme BONK trading volume climbs, popular tokens' large unlock in January, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:Coinbase agreed to pay a $50 million fine、Wyre to close down due to layoffs、SBF pleads not guilty to charges and Top10 News

What does Asia's crypto KOL think of 2023?

VC Monthly Report:Financing Amount in Dec. was only 660M, the Lowest in Past Two Years

Global Crypto Mining News (Dec 26 to Jan 1)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Dec 26 to Jan 1)

Predictions for 2023 Part 3