Sitemap - 2022 - Wu Blockchain

Weekly project updates: 1inch launches Fusion upgrade, new version of ERC4337, DeGods to bridge to Ethereum, etc

WuBlockchain Research team's predictions for 2023 Part 2

WuBlockchain Weekly:BitKeep theft on a large scale、MicroStrategy sells BTC for the first time、wide spread API key leaks from 3Commas and Top10 News

WuBlockchain Research team's predictions for 2023 Part 1

Review the Top10 important events of 2022: FTX CRASH, ETH Merge, FED Rate Hikes, LUNA, BAYC, Tornado and more

Global Crypto Mining News (Dec 19 to Dec 25)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Dec 19 to Dec 25)

Weekly project updates: Mojito Markets suspends development, Waves' new stable coin, Uniswap partners with MoonPay, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:DAO legislation in Marshall Islands、SBF court appearance、OKX down and Top10 News

a16z leads $100M funding round, the Introduction of Privacy L2 Aztec Eco

HashKey Capital: What are the opportunities for WEB3? What is the difference between WEB3 and WEB2

New player Blur: another challenge to OpenSea

Global Crypto Mining News (Dec 12 to Dec 18)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Dec 12 to Dec 18)

Weekly project updates: Uniswap V3 on BNBChain, Magic Eden Rewards, Trump Digital Trading Card, etc

Amber's "$300 Million" Series C Raises Questions About Whether Debt to Equity?

WuBlockchain Weekly:U.S. CPI data released for November、Binance FUD、SBF arrested and Top10 News

Analysis: Why is on-chain data analysis prone to misunderstanding?

Research: How USDT is used in online casinos and how it causes your exchange account to be frozen

Global Crypto Mining News (Dec 5 to Dec 11)

TreasureDAO Ecosystem Inventory: The Nintendo of the Crypto Metaverse?

Asia's weekly TOP 10 crypto news (Dec 5 to Dec 11)

Weekly project updates: 1INCH large unlock, ApeStake, Chainlink Staking v0.1 early access, etc

CEX Data Report in Nov: spot volume fell sharply,futures volume concentrated on the top CEX

WuBlockchain Weekly:Target for release of staked ether、Amber and Bybit's layoffs、CNH₮ on Tron and Top10 News

Rethinking "Governance Token" and Advancing "Non-Token Governance"

Opinion: A "better metaverse" will be decentralized

Analysis: the Future of L2 and ALEO Zero Knowledge Proof Mining

Global Crypto Mining News (Nov 28 to Dec 4)

Asia's weekly TOP 10 crypto news (Nov 28 to Dec 4)

Weekly project updates: Ideal case of ETH withdrawals, Telegram to build DEX, etc

VC Monthly Report: Financing Amount in Nov. was only $840M, another record low

WuBlockchain Weekly:BlockFi goes bankrupt、European FTX hearing、Ankr attacked and Top10 News

A 10-year look back: the evolution history of Crypto Venture Capital

Binance IEO's latest project Hooked Protocol: Introduction, Advantages and Risks

Research: Competition in the NFT market around royalties is heating up

Global Crypto Mining News (Nov 21 to Nov 27)

Asia's weekly TOP 10 crypto news (Nov 21 to Nov 27)

Weekly project updates: EIP - 4844, Merkle tree, Hooked, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:Privacy Policy 、crvUSD、IRI and Top10 News

Memories of the most important Shanghai investors in the early days of Ethereum

Interesting research: the "World Cup effect" in the stock and crypto markets

World Cup Concept Leaders: Introducing Chiliz's Fan Token Economy

Global Crypto Mining News (Nov 14 to Nov 20)

The story of an early FTX user: How to make a lot of money from FTX and lose money because of 'faith'

4 Blockchain Soccer Games Endorsed by FIFA

Asia's weekly TOP 10 crypto news (Nov 14 to Nov 20)

Weekly project updates: ATOM 2.0 has been rejected, Vitalik donates to the Dogecoin, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:FTX Collapse 、CEX PoR、CPI and Top10 News

The World Cup is approaching: Will football-themed Tokens become hot?

Lawyer: Taiwan FTX Victims' Status, Causes and Subsequent Events

A look at the future innovation direction of fan tokens under the World Cup Upsurge

In summary: What is the real reason for the collapse of the FTX empire?

Global Crypto Mining News (Nov 7 to Nov 13)

Weekly project updates:Chainlink introduced PoR, Aptos partnered with Google Cloud, NFT's weekly summary, etc

Clarify Merkle Tree:see how centralized exchanges "certify their innocence"

Justin Sun: China's Internet has no long-termism

CEX Data Report in Oct.: Spot Volume Steady, Futures Volume Down Sharply

Quick Analysis: Why did FTX sell to Binance? What other obstacles are there? What are the implications for the future?

Follow-up: Does FTX keep user assets in cold wallets?

The battle between FTX and Binance: why, will FTX crash?

Global Crypto Mining News (Oct 31 to Nov 6)

Asia's weekly TOP 10 crypto news (Oct 31 to Nov 6)

Weekly project updates: NFT markets' competitive overview, Ethereum's new routes, Art Gobblers, etc

PECland: Gamefi + NFT + social new ideas that trying to break the budget game market

WuBlockchain Weekly:75bps、Deribit & Gala Hacked、Alameda's BS Concerns and Top10 News

Alameda's Messy Balance Sheet Raises Concerns About FTX Does It Pose Systemic Risk?

Why is Core Scientific, the largest bitcoin miner in North America, on the brink of bankruptcy?

The direction of Web3 reform after Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter

VC Monthly Report:Financing Amount in Oct. was the Lowest in Past Two Years

DID: How to return to use value from price speculation

The interpretation of the new crypto policy in Hong Kong, is it bullish?

Global Crypto Mining News (Oct 24 to Oct 30)

Asia's weekly TOP 10 crypto news (Oct 24 to Oct 30)

Weekly project updates: Stable coin's summary, MakerDao started the End game plan, Neymar's NFTs, etc

Alert: Many Android Binance APP deposit addresses have been modified by app repackaging

WuBlockchain Weekly:Twitter Deal、API KEY Leak、HK Adopt Crypto and Top10 News

What role will Bitcoin play in the aftermath of a nuclear war?

Azuki PBT: Will real-world interaction with Web3 be the next narrative wave?

Opinion: Industrial assembly line of Aptos public chain, the quality of ecological projects is worrying

Global Crypto Mining News (Oct 17 to Oct 23)

Review of the whole process:3Commas API KEY ‘leak’, FTX user funds was stolen by contra trade

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Oct 17 to Oct 23)

Weekly project update: frxETH was introduced, Polkadot CEO resigns, Bitget cooperated with Messi and Top 10 projects

WuBlockchain Weekly:Aptos、Justin Sun $HT Bag、WhatsMiner and Top10 News

Element, a new NFT market invested by Sequoia, can it succeed?

Be VEE: Korean Artist's Free Mint and NFT Traffic Monetization Attempt

Are WEB3 Domains Valuable? Starting from OpenSea delisting .nft

Global Crypto Mining News (Oct 10 to Oct 16)

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Oct 10 to Oct 16)

Weekly project update: zkEVM's Layer3, AAVE's stablecoins, Magic Eden's optional royalties, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly:CPI、Mango & Rabby Exploit、Huobi Acquired、XEN and Top10 News

One month after launch, how is the ETHW ecosystem doing?

Opinion: XEN doomed to failure and why benefits to Ethereum

Global Crypto Mining News (Oct 3 to Oct 9)

CEX data report for August: Bybit Phemex Soar, plunge

Exclusive: The real buyer of Huobi is Justin Sun, possibly with the help of SBF

Top10 Asia Crypto News (Oct 3 to Oct 9)

Weekly Project Update:The Otherside community launches its first mini-game "Flappy Koda" and Top 10 Projects

Exclusive: Largest Chinese Crypto Exchange Huobi Finally Acquired by About Capital Management in Hong Kong

WuBlockchain Weekly:BNBChain & Transit Swap Exploit、Solana Outages、Celsius Leak and Top10 News

Looking back at Solana outages, why are they frequent?

"Biggest Problem": Can the ETH L1 Enable Privacy Transfers?

Global Crypto Mining News (Sep 26 to Oct 2)

VC Monthly Report:Funding Overview in September

Weekly Project Update:Cosmos launch native USDC, StarkWare Token launch delayed due to technical optimization and Top 10 Projects

WuBlockchain Weekly:Cosmos & Chainlink 2.0、Voyager Auction、VC Rank and Top10 News

Lawyer's point of view: Is POS's Ethereum a security?

Why a Former Chinese Ethereum Community Leader Thinks POS Is a Lie and Joins Bitcoin Education Work

Opinion: Forecast Market Bottom Appear Time According to the Macro

Global Crypto Mining News (Sep 19 to Sep 25)

Weekly Project Update: Binance issued LUNC tax burning mechanism, APE staking was delayed and Top Projects' weekly summary (0919-0925)

WuBlockchain Weekly:75bps、Wintermute Hacked、MS Buy and Top10 News

Parse Furion: Convert NFTS into ERC-20 mirror tokens for AMM exchange and lending, trying to break the NFT-FI trilemmas

Panel: Reasons for the Smooth and Successful POS Upgrade of Ethereum

Global Crypto Mining News (Sep 12 to Sep 18)

NFT Royalty Controversy: Should I Pay? To whom?

Weekly Project Update:Lido ranked first among Ethereum staking nodes, Starbucks Odyssey is ready to launch, Compound Treasury launches borrowing for institutions and Top 10 Projects (0911-0917)

WuBlockchain Weekly:Merge Done、CPI、MicroStrategy、Do Kwon Arrest Warrant and Top10 News

Panel:Five questions about the post-merge Ethereum

What happens in 24 hours after ETH to POS

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (Sep 5 to Sep 11)

Weekly Project Update:Nightshade Sharding Phase 1 Launchesand, Delphi Labs' research shift to Cosmos, Google Cloud becomes Ronin Network's Validator and Top 10 Projects(0904-0911)

CEX data report for August: Upbit traffic rises most, Bitget volume falls both in SPOT&DER

WuBlockchain Weekly:Bellatrix Upgrade、Binance 's Auto-Convert、75 bps、BAB and Top10 News

Analyze the potential application scenarios of Binance's first Soulbound token BAB

ETC undertakes ETHPOW ? 38 projects on the ETC Ecology

China Central Bank: How smart contracts can be applied in CBDC?

Analysis: ENS domains become "the perfect NFT collection" for bear market?

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (Aug 29 to Sep 4)

Huobi surveyed 20 of the best crypto investment institutions in Asia: the opportunities and confusion in their minds

Weekly Project Update:Sudoswap posted SUDO's distribution, crvUSD stablecoin will launch next month, BNB Chain introduces new Liquid Staking and Top 10 Projects(0829-0903)

WuBlockchain Weekly:Unemployment、NFP、Difficulty Adjust、MtGox and Top10 News

Sudoswap Token Allocation Controversy

VC Monthly Report:Funding Overview in August

Opinion: Aptos came at the wrong time

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (Aug 22 to Aug 28)

Weekly Project Update:BendDAO's liquidity crisis, Synthetix、MakerDao、Ethereum's new proposals, and Top 11 Projects' update

WuBlockchain Weekly:Account Freeze、BendDAO、OFAC's Sanction Related、Mainnet Merge and Top10 News

Binance Helps Law Enforcement Agencies Ban Chinese Accounts Brings Controversy

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (Aug 15 to Aug 21)

What is Aztec and Why FTX warns Aztec users?

Weekly Project Update:ZkSync's dynamic gas fee model, Dogechain Network, The Sandbox Alpha and Top 10 Projects' news

WuBlockchain Weekly:Acala & Celer Hacked、ETH Genesis Whale、ETHW Core Released and Top10 News

Analyze the future application scenarios of the NFT AMM innovative solution SudoSwap

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (Aug 8 to Aug 14)

Weekly Project Update:Reddit Points, Conflux Changes to Ethash, APE Sells Off and Top 10 Projects

July Exchange Data Report: FTX Volume Down Most, Network Traffic Down 10%

WuBlockchain Weekly:Merge TTD、CPI Declines、Tornado Sanctions and Top10 News

Timeline and reactions of Tornado Cash being sanctioned by the United States

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (Aug 1 to Aug 7)

Weekly Project Update:Aptos Update、Optimism Bedrock、Polygon unlock and Top 10 Projects

WuBlockchain Weekly:Employment、Solana Exploit、HardFork and Top10 News

VC Monthly Report:The amount of financing in July fell 48% from the previous month, focusing on the infrastructure

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (July 25 to July 31)

WuBlockchain Weekly:Slow Pace of Rate Hikes、Rally、The Merge Narrative and Top10 News

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (July 18 to July 24)

EXCLUSIVE:How Bitcoin Jesus Roger and the Exchange CoinFLEX Collapse

WuBlockchain Weekly:ETH Leading Soar、Tesla Dumped、3AC's Creditors and Top10 News

Investigation:Fraudsters GEM Digital and 5ire using fake news Pump and Dump:How they cheat Coindesk and other medias?

Who lent money to Three Arrows Capital?

Can ETC take on Ethereum's ecosystem after Merging

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (July 11 to July17)

WuBlockchain Weekly:CPI 9.1%、The Merge、Zhu Su and Top10 News

Celsius Bankruptcy Filing Disclosed Countless Bad Deals: buy $750m worth of rigs, $840m Debt from Tether was liquidated

HK Cracks Down on Non-Compliant Crypto Businesses and Advertising Content Has Caused a Chilling Effect

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (July 4 to July10)

WuBlockchain Weekly:Voyager Delist、Celsius Repay、Alameda Debt and Top10 News

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (Jun 27 to July 3)

VC Monthly Report:Funding Overview in June

Analysis: Is the Circle (USDC) collapse and huge bad debts Real?

WuBlockchain Weekly:3AC Aftermath、Huobi Layoffs、Grayscale ETF Rejection and Top10 News

Opinion: Why support dYdX leaving ETH to build its own chain

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (Jun 20 to Jun 26)

WuBlockchain Weekly:Withdraw、Credit Facility、Miner Sell and Top10 News

Reveal the secrets of 3AC' 1 billion big creditor Voyager

Analysis of Maple and TrueFi: Alameda and Amber borrow the most, with large Maturity concentrated in late July and early August

Internal report about StepN: The temptation to wrestle with the death spiral

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (Jun 13 to Jun 19)

Investigation: How $2billion lending gaint Babel Finance Was on the Verge of Collapse?

WuBlockchain Weekly:3AC、Liquidity Crisis、75bps and Top10 News

Analysis: Can MicroStrategy Survive in Bear Market? Will MicroStrategy be liquidated?

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (Jun 6 to Jun 12)

WuBlockchain Weekly:$OP、Ropsten Merge、CPI and Top10 News

WuBlockchain Research: DeFi enters the options industry Ribbon's Strategy and Business Analysis

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (May 30 to Jun 5)

Founder of Slow Mist:Emergency Treatment after Stolen:what should you do when you get stolen?

WuBlockchain Weekly:$OP & Rate Hike & Taper & Top News & Insights

VC Monthly Report:$4.219 billion in May, down 38.2% from April 2022 and up 97.8% from May 2021

TSE Sponsored:Global Crypto Mining News (May 23 to May 29)

Conflux co-founder :How did StepN on BNBchain collapse?

WuBlockchain Weekly:Terra2.0、STEPN CHINA BAN、Winter is coming and Top10 News

In-depth: NFT lending is on the rise Exploration and prospect of financialization

TSE Sponsored :Global Crypto Mining News (May 16 to May 22)

WuBlockchain Weekly:Terra2.0 Summary, FASB, Tether new report and Top10 News

Analysis: The Terra Incident Could Trigger a Global Crypto Regulatory Storm

Global Crypto Mining News (May 9 to May 15)

UST is in a death spiral, will other stablecoins(USDT DAI FRAX)?

Multi-Party Analysis: Reasons for the drop in the crypto market and The Future of Terra Eco After Being Out of Control

Global Crypto Mining News (May 2 to May 8)

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Traffic Statistics: Which Countries Do Customers Mainly Come From? What regulatory risks exist?

Project Galaxy, a semi-finished product, listed on Coinbase Binance FTX etc. on the same day, is aiming to become the ePay of Web3?

Global Crypto Mining News (Apr 25 to May 1)

Otherside NFT sales set several historical records, what are the details worthy of attention?

Optimism Airdrop:Price、Ecosystem、Airdrop Trend

Global Crypto Mining News (Apr 19 to Apr 24)

Talking to Luxor Pool on Crypto Mining: Intel Asics, Ethereum POS and US Centralization

A review of Juno and the Japanese whale Drama: Problems and Improvements in DAO Governance

Analysis of OpenSea's Acquisition of NFT Aggregator GEM: A Monopolist's Move to "Root Out the Threat"

Global Crypto Mining News (Apr 11 to Apr 18)

An Introdcution to Nirvana: virtual AMM innovative algorithmic stablecoin on Solana

How will the crypto move in this rate hike cycle?

50 Tokens that Coinbase is going to list, who are they? Why controversial?

Global Crypto Mining News (Apr 4 to Apr 10)

5 FAQ: Know About The Merge and Ethereum Latest Roadmap

Bitcoin and Aquaculture: This company is using the heat from Bitcoin mining to raise fish

Global Crypto Mining News (Mar 28 to Apr 3)

Move to Earn: Reasons for StepN's Success. Is StepN Sustainable? What's the direction?

Ronin Bridge Hack: Will it be as lucky as PolyNetwork?

Global Crypto Mining News (Mar 21 to Mar 27)

Investigation report:Is There “Insider Trading” in BINANCE and COINBASE's New Listing

Global Crypto Mining News (Mar 14 to Mar 20)

Global Crypto Mining News (Mar 7 to Mar 13)

BAYC Acquires CryptoPunks and Meebits: The end of the PFP NFT?

Twelve Crypto Monopolies: OpenSea Bitmain MetaMask Deribit and more

Global Crypto Mining News (Feb 28 to Mar 6 )

Crypto Giant Forced to Participate in U.S. Sanctions Against Russia, Is American Centralization a concern?

Crypto Donation and Payment Become Flashpoints in Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Global Crypto Mining News (Feb 21 to Feb 27)

OpenSea Challenger's Dilemma

Which VCs Invested the Most Blue-chips

Global Crypto Mining News (Feb 14 to Feb 20)

Global Crypto Mining News (Feb 6 to Feb 13)

VC Ranking:Token Returns after Financing

Global Crypto Mining News (Jan 31 to Feb 6)

Global Crypto Mining News (Jan 24 to Jan 30)

Interview with OpenDAO: How to be born in 6 days? Not to be an OpenSea competitor hoping to break NFT in-roll to introduce newcomers

Global Crypto Mining News (Jan 17 to Jan 23)

Exclusive : Intel's Bitcoin chips will use TSMC's 5nm, 35J/T, produced by mid-year

Why can't POS reduce Gasfee and how much do Shard&L2 reduce

Global Crypto Mining News (Jan10 to Jan16)

Global Crypto Mining News ( Jan 3 to Jan 9)

Global Crypto Mining News ( Dec 27 to Jan 2)