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Can TON Bring 900m telegram Users into Crypto?

Asia’s weekly TOP10 crypto news (May 13 to May 19)

Weekly Project Updates: LayerZero begins second phase of sybil hunt, zkSync hints at token issuance, Eclipse founder resigns, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: CPI Falls as Expected, El Salvador Mines 473.5 Bitcoins Using Volcano Energy, Eigen Layer Rejected Paradigm Investment and Top10 News

ZK-EVM Upgrade Narrative to zkVM: Why Are These Five Core Projects Worth Attention?

The whole process: How to Lose 1155 BTC in 80 Minutes

New leader in Public Goods technology: Dora Factory's million-dollar gambit

What is Notcoin, the rarely supported by both Binance and OKX?

CEX Data Report for April: Spot trading volume decreased by 38%, while derivatives trading volume and website traffic decreased by over 20%

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (May 6 to May 12)

Weekly Project Updates: Notcoin Launches on Binance, Bybit Integrates with Ethena, Eigenlayer Initiates Airdrop Claiming, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Trump Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations, Binance&DWF Controversy, FTX Liquidation in Progress and Top10 News

What Knowledge Is Required to Become a Web3 Developer?

Integrate BTC, cooperate with Pendle and MakerDAO Can Ethena become a new generation of synthetic dollar?

What is Based Rollup, and How Does it Inherit Ethereum's Liveness?

Mining News in April: Bitcoin Halving Effect Emerges, Runes Boom Fades, Angola Paraguay Mining Ban, sponsored by Bitdeer

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Apr 29 to May 5)

Weekly Project Updates: LayerZero Initiates Sybil Hunt Operation, Eigenlayer Launches First Season Airdrop, Acquisition of Mirror, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Federal Reserve Adopts Dovish Stance, Debut of Hong Kong Spot ETF, CZ Sentenced to Four Months in Prison and Top10 News

VC Monthly Report: The number and amount of financing in April both decreased MoM

Hong Kong Cryptocurrency ETF First Day: IOP Exceeds Expectations, Low Trading Volume, Future Outlook

A Comprehensive Overview of Decentralized Communication Infrastructure: SendingNetwork

Analysis: What changes have occurred in the L1 Infra track in recent months?

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Apr 22 to Apr 28)

Weekly Project Updates: Binance Launches Renzo on Launchpool, EOS Introduces New Tokenomics, $SAFE Begins Circulation, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: SEC Expected to Reject Ethereum Spot ETF, ConsenSys Sues SEC, CZ trial is approaching and Top10 News

Inside Parcl: Trade Real Estate Like Never Before?

OKX Web3 On-Chain Anti-Phishing Security Trading Guide

Cathie Wood Iinterview In HK: Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2030, HK Is a Leading Crypto Policy Pioneer

Impressions of the Hong Kong Web3 Conference: Exchanges fade, few excellent projects, KOL influence strengthens

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Apr 15 to Apr 21)

Weekly Project Updates: Bitcoin Rune Forging is Thriving, Worldcoin to Launch Exclusive L2, Avail Airdropping 600 Million Tokens, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Bitcoin Halving, Hong Kong Approves Bitcoin and Ethereum Spot ETFs, Federal Reserve Not Lowering Interest Rates in the Short Term and Top10 News

CryptoQuant Research Director: Halving is imminent and Bitcoin price has room to continue to rise

Interpreting the underlying design mechanisms and limitations of the Runes protocol

Chinese Top VC Discuss Controversial Topics: Is AI+Crypto and Bitcoin L2 Just Hype? Is Binance Too Monopolistic?

Nine questions and answers about the Hong Kong Bitcoin and Ethereum Spot ETF

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Apr 8 to Apr 14)

Weekly Project Updates: EigenLayer Mainnet Launches, Base NFT Trading Volume Hits New High, Jupiter Set for Major Update, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Hong Kong's Bitcoin Spot ETF Set to Launch, SEC to Sue Uniswap, Tether Reports Annual Net Profit of $6.2 Billion and Top10 News

CEX Data Report for March: Spot Trading Volume Doubles, Derivatives Trading Volume and Traffic Up Over 40%

The background of the UK government seizing 61,000 Bitcoins from a Chinese fraudster

Introduction to Can AI computing power be decentralized?

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Apr 1 to Apr 7)

Weekly Project Updates: W Airdrop Commences, Ripple Plans Stablecoin Issuance, Pendle Protocol Fees Hit Historic Highs, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: The Federal Reserve to Prudently Lower Interest Rates, Bitcoin Miner Fees Reach New Highs, BCH Completes Halving and Top10 News

Frontier Exploration: Review of the 25 Crypto Startups Selected for the a16z Accelerator

Mining News in March: New Mining Chip SEALMINER A1, Biden Proposes Mining Tax Increase Again, and Impacts of Upcoming Halving on Mining Industry, Sponsored by Bitdeer

Arthur Hayes' Vision & The Synthetic Dollar: Ethena's Insights, Risks, and Breakthroughs

VC Mar Report, the number of fundraising projects increased by 24%, while the amount increased by 53%

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Mar 25 to Mar 31)

Weekly Project Updates: Activity on Base Chain remains fervent, Optimism to allocate 850M OP, Ethena airdrop scheduled for next Tuesday, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: KuCoin Faces U.S. Lawsuit, OKX Prioritizes Compliance Department as Top, SBF Sentenced to 25 Years and Top10 News

OneKey: Web3 Dark Forest - How to Effectively Protect Your Physical Devices

Opinion: SEC is Chasing The difficulties of Ethereum Spot ETF

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Mar 18 to Mar 24)

Weekly Project Updates: Opensea Unveils Seaport Hooks, Ether Fi Airdrop Begins, Slerf Skyrockets After Destroying Fundraising Proceeds, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Bitcoin Spot ETF Sees Net Outflows for Four Consecutive Days, US SEC Pushes to Classify Ethereum as Security, Japan Raises Interest Rates and Top10 News

ETHTaipei 2024 Interview with Vitalik: AI, DeSocial, Quantum Resistance, Modular, Restaking

Tranchess v3: Building LSDFi Around Layered Funds

AC Capital: How MEMECOIN Came About

The First Chinese Translator of the Ethereum Whitepaper Discusses Why Modular Blockchain Will Prevail

Talk with BOME investor Flynngao: How to make investment decisions in half an hour

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Mar 11 to Mar 17)

Weekly Project Updates: Starknet Establishes Gaming Committee, MakerDAO to Launch Endgame in Summer, EigenLayer to Launch Mainnet, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Ethereum Completes Dencun Upgrade, Biden Proposes Heavy Taxes on Mining Again, US CPI Exceeds Expectations and Top10 News

2024 Web3 Sector Analysis, a perspective from Asia’s largest Crypto VC Hashkey

Interview with Macro Analyst Luxon: Bitcoin’s target is 100,000 US dollars, ETH ETF has little chance of passing

CEX Data in Feb: Trading Volume and Web Traffic Both Decline

Interview With BingX CPO Vivien Lin: What do you think about BRC20 and BingX's strategy in 2024?

Interview with Leo Zhao, Head of Strategic Investments at MEXC: Why Choose to Invest in SEI, Berachain, TON?

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Mar 4 to Mar 10)

Weekly Project Updates: Wormhole Launches Airdrop Query Functionality, Ethereum NFTs Experience Significant Decline, Telegram Bot Activity Surges, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Bitcoin Reaches Historic High, USDT Market Cap Exceeds $100 Billion, FTX Opens Claims and Top10 News

Understanding Bitcoin Layer 2 with RGB++ Protocol: CKB

The Cryptocurrency Cases included in the typical case Library of the Supreme Court of China

VC Feb Report, the number of fundraising projects increased by 14%, while the amount increased by 6%

Mining News in February:Bitfufu Goes Public, Mining in Ethiopia Becomes a Hot Spot, Whatsminers Goes to the German Parliament, sponsored By Bitdeer

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Feb 26 to Mar 3)

Weekly Project Updates: Uniswap Dividend Proposal Opens for Voting, Magic Eden Launches on Ethereum, Blast Mainnet Goes Live, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: BTC/CNY Reaches ATH, Coinbase Surpasses Hong Kong Exchange in Market Value, US Banks Promote ETFs and Top10 News

Vitalik's Podcast in Taiwan: The Application of Blockchain in Democracy, Consensus, and Government Governance

API3: What is OEV (Oracle Extractable Value)? Why is it important?

The Uniswap protocol fee distribution proposal ignites the market, analysis of future trends

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Feb 19 to Feb 25)

Weekly Project Updates: Uniswap Token Dividend Proposal, STRK Token Unlock Schedule Adjustment, Merlin's TVL Soars to Nearly 2 Billion, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Bitcoin Spot ETF Experiences Net Outflows, Surge in User Count for World APP, Nigeria's Cryptocurrency Ban and Top10 News

ABCDE: Summarizes the AI+Crypto Track over the past year

The Role, Responsibilities, and Challenges of CFOs in Cryptocurrency Companies

WuBlockchain Podcast: Talk with MinerMag Founder Wolfie on "Bitcoin Mining Industry Under Halving Pressure"

Research: Expected Valuation and Airdrop Calculation from Blur to Blast

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Feb 12 to Feb 18)

Weekly Project Updates: Uniswap v4 to Be Released in Q3, Aptos Launches JamboPhone, Yuga Acquires Moonbirds Group, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: MicroStrategy's Bitcoin Profits Exceed $4 Billion, Criminal Judgment Against CZ Postponed and Top10 News

Cex Data in Jan: there's not much change in trading volume, with a 13% decrease in website traffic

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Feb 5 to Feb 11)

Weekly Project Updates: Wormhole Reveals W Token Economics, EigenLayer Temporarily Opens Staking, ENS Contemplates Launching Exclusive L2 Solution, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Dencun Upgrade Scheduled for March 13, Hong Kong Initiates Legislative Consultation on OTC Trading, SEC May Regulate DeFi and Top10 News

Ethereum's New Experimental Token Standard ERC-404: A New Exploration of Token-NFT Integration - What Are the Risks?

Talk with Bitrace: What if your USDT is mixed with black money?

Solana Outages Again After a Year: Review the Historical Outage Records

Mining News in January: Mining Costs Nearly $40,000 After Halving, Canaan Finances Over $50 Million. Sponsored By Bitdeer

VC Jan Report, the number of fundraising projects increased by 12%, while the amount decreased by 29%

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jan 29 to Feb 4)

Weekly Project Updates: JUP Token's Airdrop, Polygon Labs layoffs, Worldcoin Under Investigation in Hong Kong, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Ethereum's Dencun Upgrade Approaches, Binance Launches Inscription Market, OPNX to Close and Top10 News

Talk to the most professional Blockchain Game investor in China: Why Haven't Successful Blockchain Games Emerged Yet? Is Regulatory Pressure on Blockchain Gaming Unbearable?

Opinion: Advantages of the MOVE Language Public Chain

Cobo & F2pool Founder Shenyu: How to make $100 million from a capital of $1,000 in the blockchain industry

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jan 22 to Jan 28)

Weekly Project Updates: OpenSea Receives Acquisition Offers, Magic Eden Enhances Reward Program, Curve to Launch Lending Market Llamalend, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Grayscale Users Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum ETF Decision Deferred, Hong Kong Crypto ETF Expected to Launch in the First Half of the Year and Top10 News

Exploring the Frontier of Crypto Prediction Markets: Collective Decision-Making and Binary Options

The Impact Post ETF! Talking with Daniel Yan, founder of Kryptanium Capital

Opinion: Why can't the Bitcoin ecosystem surpass Ethereum?

Opinion: Bitcoin Ecosystem Tracks and Representative Projects to Watch in My Eyes

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jan 15 to Jan 21)

Weekly Project Updates: dYdX Surpasses Uniswap in Trading Volume, Blast Testnet Goes Live, Conflux to Launch Bitcoin Layer 2, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: The UN criticizes USDT, Ethereum ETF will not be passed soon, Fed is expected to cut interest rates and Top10 News

Exploring the Influence of Spot ETFs on Bitcoin Valuations: A Practical Example of a $1000 ETF Investment

Interview with OK The first overseas lawyer: What are the highlights of Hong Kong's cryptocurrency compliance this year?

Cobo Founder: What to Watch After the Bitcoin Spot ETF in 2024?

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jan 8 to Jan 14)

Weekly Project Updates: BNB Beacon Chain to be Decommissioned, Near Foundation to Reduce Staff by 40%, StarkWare CEO Resigns, etc

Exploring the Landing Paths for Bitcoin Layer 2 Ecosystem

The Bitcoin Spot ETF Finally Approved: How Big Will the Impact Be? How Long Until the Ethereum Spot ETF?

Cex Data in Dec, Spot and derivative trading volumes and Traffic Rise Over 20% MoM

Asia's weekly TOP10 crypto news (Jan 1 to Jan 7)

Weekly Project Updates: Scroll Unveils 2024 Roadmap, Vitalik Emphasizes ENS Again, Orbit Chain's Cross-Chain Bridge Under Attack, etc

WuBlockchain Weekly: Crucial Week for Bitcoin Spot ETF, Bearish Report Leads to Numerous Liquidations, Positive Developments for Ethereum ETF and Top10 News

Gracy Chen Explains Bitget: Why Adopt Aggressive Strategies in a Bear Market? The Direction for 2024? What is the Rumored "Wolf Culture"?

VC Dec. Report, the number of financing increased by 4.3%, while the total amount decreased by 25.4%

Global Crypto Mining News in December: Bull market expectations are justified, global mining companies accelerate expansion

Interpreting Hong Kong's Regulatory Framework for Bitcoin Spot ETFs